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The Tom Green Podcast

Aug 18, 2020

I have purchased a van that is being camper converted right now. It is equipped with high tech battery and solar power which will allow me to go off the grid and live and exist in wilderness with full power indefinitely. I will be using this electrical capability to run my Podcast and Webovision Studio. I will be posting frequent video and audio updates. I am leaving on this journey, with Charley my new potcake dog rescue, and no other humans. I am documenting this for social media with cinematic cameras and drones and will be editing and posting from the wilderness. I will not be interacting with any humans in person. I will be preparing all of my own food outdoors. I am bringing all my supplies in order to avoid infection from the coronavirus. This is a bug-out off-the-grid pandemic vehicle. I will be spending my time in very remote locations and documenting the beauty of America. Expect updates from all over. I will not be eating in restaurants, or drive thrus. I will not be going to grocery stores. I will not be entering indoor places. I will not be stopping in cities or towns. The only interaction I will have with civilization will be when I stop at the gas pump to fill my vehicle. Follow along on as I prepare for this adventure. My home studio will be manned by director @tcorellawho will be holding down the fort at webovision studios. Tony will be living and working in my house in Los Angeles and acting as master control for this web broadcast operation. I will be calling in to the studio and interacting with Tony on live video stream from the road using the latest tech. The van that I have acquired is a 2020 Ram Promaster and will be a state of the art camper conversion. (Details soon on that) It will be ready in early September and I will be embarking shortly after that. Stay tuned. - Tom #Vanlife