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The Tom Green Podcast

Jan 13, 2018

In this episode Tom updates us on his comedy tours and Vegas residency and then rants on some random subjects of the day.  These are thought streams and not meant to be taken seriously.  Please don't write letters.  Although I do appreiate positive feedback on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Find me and say hello....

Jan 13, 2018

In this short episode Tom sits with his mother in the main foyer of his home in Costa Rica while she plays some songs on Ukelele.  Also a short interview.  This took place late at night and is not an interview, rather a hang out with Tom and his Mom.  Stay tuned for more slices of life and small audio clips on The Tom...

Jan 7, 2018

In this second episode of The Tom Green Podcast we add more from the Phil Giroux Chronicles.  On vacation Tom and Phil enjoy some margaritas and some podcasting fun while sitting on a shaded porch and discussing a wide variety of subjects.  Some of the areas which Phil discusses today are: Mars, Banking,...

Jan 1, 2018

You may remember Phil from The Tom Green Show.  Phil has been friends with Tom for over 30 years.  Phil is very knowlegable in many areas.  In this episode Tom talks with Phil about some interesting things!